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Quick Measures - Curbal

I’ve been playing around with the quick measures within PowerBI.  Very helpful to say the least.  I would have to say that a number of my tutorials are focused around how to use DAX to handle time bound data (Month to Month Percent Change, Dynamic Percent Change, Calculating Percent ChangeDynamic CAGR Calculation ).  As I have interacted with a number of business users they typically struggle when transitioning from handling time bound data in Excel to PowerBI.  These quick measures take a lot of guess work out of writing a DAX formula.

Trust me you will love the ability to make quick measures!

Microsoft Announcement about Quick Measures.

The Highlights: Quick Measures apply a Filter:

The Highlights: Quick Measures Running Totals:

The Highlights: Quick Measures Time Intelligence:

The Highlights: Quick Measures Year over Year % Change:

The Full Video:

Curbal has been generating a lot of great content.  To learn about for more information you can visit the website found here, or visit the YouTube Channel.

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