Report Visualization Tips

The Dynamic Time Matrix

Time and time again when I begin talking with Excel users and ask to see what current reports they are using, they usually show me a table with a mixed bag of columns split by […]

Square One
PowerBI.Tips Tools

New Layout – Square One

“Square One” utilizes the color theme as a background component that adds a pop of accent color only. This gives you the end user the maximum flexibility to incorporate color themes that match your needs […]

Smooth Operator
PowerBI.Tips Tools

New Layout – Smooth Operator

Hey everyone! We’re excited to release our latest layout “Smooth Operator”. Click here to download.  We’ve gotten some great feedback from our users and the previous layouts were a bit heavy handed as we tried […]

Respect Layers
Report Visualization Tips

Respect Layers

If you are like me and you like making your reports look extra good with different visual elements you’ve probably come across the issue before where you use shapes or images layered behind a visual. […]

Interesting & Fun Applications

New Game – aMAZEing DAX

If you haven’t had your mind melted over the past few games that Phil Seamark has developed here is one more, aMAZEing DAX.  This month’s game is a Gauntlet styled game that uses SVGs, and […]

Publish to Web
Sharing & Administration

When to Use Publish to Web

There are often questions surrounding Publish to Web.  What is it?  How can I use it to share my reports?  This video walks through the proper usage for Publish to Web and how to manage […]