Left Slicer – Curved – Color Change


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This Scrim bundle features 8 different configurations in 2 slightly different color setups for a total of 16 scrims! This scrim allows you to change the color of the background to anything you want, while maintaining slight transparency in the configured objects to make each page feel like a perfect fit.


  • (16) images that are in the 16 x 9 aspect ratio
  • All images are at a 2x resolution for super crisp looking reports
  • Instructions sheet on how to use the scrim in your report
  • Free of PowerBI.Tips branding so you can use this for personal or business applications

Learn more about Scrims

Instructions on how to use a Scrim


Here are just 4 of the 16 examples. Showing the different background colors selected in the Power BI Desktop file.

Left Slicer – Curved – Color Change