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This tool is designed to aid in the selection of colors for Power BI Color Themes. Using your mouse you can drag the circle around the color wheel to change the color. The square in the middle changes the depth of color from light to dark. Once you are happy with your color selection you can click one of the buttons below to set the HEX color code to the appropriate parameter. After you are done selecting the color theme on the bottom of the page you can click Download Color Theme, to download the JSON file to your computer.

Check out the Newest Version of the tool, click the image below:


Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Enjoy


  • Add your own list of HEX codes directly into Data Colors window. (copy and paste right out of excel if you choose)
  • When you click the Add to Data Colors button each color will be automatically added into the existing color codes in the Data Colors window.
  • Unlimited amounts of Data Colors can be added into the Data Colors window. (I don’t know how many color codes are accepted by PowerBI, so if your willing, go crazy and tell me in the comments how many colors you successfully added)
  • The Background, Foreground and Table Accent buttons assign a hex code to these inputs, additional entry will automatically overwrite the HEX codes in the respective input fields. These fields only accept one HEX color code.

Note: PowerBI.Tips Color Theme Generator was tested on Google Chrome (all features working), and on Microsoft Edge ( Color picking worked but download JSON button does not work) I recommend using the Color Theme Generator in the latest version of Google Chrome for the best performance


    • Great suggestion. While there is not a way to specify default text size and color at this time with the color themes offered by PowerBI, you can make a template. In the template you can specify default images, report page colors and set up text boxes as samples with your text and fonts. Then you do a save as and save your report as a pbit, File -> Save As -> (change file type to pbit). This can make some of the headache go away.

      • I have a json file which is a fixed theme for our department (only font colors). I just need to have an image on the top right. how can it be implemented?

        • In order to do this, you would need to make a report with only the image on a report page and loading the JSON colors. Then use File -> Save As, and choose a PBIT, Template file. This will save the image and the colors as default. Then when anyone else needs to open the template file, PBIT, and they will automatically be able to start with the pre-loaded JSON theme and Image on the report page.

  1. I have used the version 2 and 3 of the application and when I click on download, nothing happens. Any solution to this. I am using internet explorer

    • Try google chrome, older versions of internet explorer may not be compatible. Also, if you get a warning about scripts running on the page, make sure you enable them as the scripts are what allow you do download the file.

    • There is no function or setting that allows the background around the report page to change color, However, you can set the background of the report page to a default color. The only down side is that the report themes do not support page level background colors. This would have to be set up by editing the Page background inside Power BI Desktop. I would recommend that you change the background color on a report page, then save the file as a PBIT, this way you can reuse that color for many new reports. Then when you want to make a new page, right click on the report tab and click duplicate page. This will carry over your background color to new pages.

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  3. Hi,

    This is Ashita.As per the above color generator we have copied all the colors and have downloaded the jason file in power BI.However in visualization can only see selected colors.Simply wanted to know we will not be able to see all the colors in the theme colors.Also i am not able to update few colors it says “Color code is not valid and will be skipped. Please confirm

    • The tool does not like commas between the HEX codes. The newest version of the tool handles the HEX codes correctly, Try out this tool, where you would use the section called “Global Data Set Colors”. You can still use the advanced version of the theme generator but the syntax is HEX (Space) HEX, where you use a # infront of the HEX something like, #123456 #123456 will resolve without errors.

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