Advanced Color Theme Generator

Back by popular demand here is the Advanced version of the Color Theme Generator.

This tool is designed to aid in the selection of colors for Power BI Color Themes. Using your mouse you can drag the circle around the color wheel to change the color. The square in the middle changes the depth of color from light to dark. Once you are happy with your color selection you can click one of the buttons below to set the HEX color code to the appropriate parameter. After you are done selecting the color theme on the bottom of the page you can click Download Color Theme, to download the JSON file to your computer.

There are a couple of distinct feature additions compared to the original Color Theme Generator.

  • Add your own list of HEX codes directly into Data Colors window. (copy and paste right out of excel if you choose)
  • When you click the Add to Data Colors button each color will be automatically added into the existing color codes in the Data Colors window.
  • Unlimited amounts of Data Colors can be added into the Data Colors window. (I don’t know how many color codes are accepted by PowerBI, so if your willing, go crazy and tell me in the comments how many colors you successfully added)
  • The Background, Foreground and Table Accent buttons assign a hex code to these inputs, additional entry will automatically overwrite the HEX codes in the respective input fields. These fields only accept one HEX color code.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Enjoy

Note: PowerBI.Tips Color Theme Generator was tested on Google Chrome (all features working), and on Microsoft Edge ( Color picking worked but download JSON button does not work) I recommend using the Color Theme Generator in the latest version of Google Chrome for the best performance

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