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With the September 2017 update for Power BI desktop the major feature enhancement was the addition of Report Themes.  This is a game changer for the advanced Power BI user.  Changing themes and creating custom themes has never been easier, with the exception you must know how to write it all in JSON.  In the expandable accordion windows below are the available settings for the third iteration of the Color Theme Generator.  Enjoy!


1. Open up the various accordian sections below. Each section is labeled by visual type.
2. Change the properties for the visuals you want to change.
3. On the left side of the screen click the download button.
4. A file will be downloaded to your computer containing all the Report Theme with proper JSON formatting.

Still like the older versions of the Advanced Color Theme Generator?

Follow these links for Version 1 and Version 2

Global Data Set Colors

Global Table Color Settings


Global Settings for All Visuals

Settings that control all visuals
General: Modify all General sections at once
Plot Area: Modify all Plot Area sections at once

Stacked Bar Chart

Stacked Column Chart

Clustered Bar Chart (Beta)

Clustered Column Chart (Beta)

100% Stacked Bar Chart (Beta)

100% Stacked Column Chart (Beta)

Line Chart (Beta)

Area Chart (Beta)

Stacked Area Chart (Beta)

Line and Stacked Column Chart (Beta)

Line an Clustered Column Chart (Beta)

Ribbon Chart (Beta)

Waterfall Chart (Beta)

Scatter Chart (Beta)

Pie Chart (Beta)

Donut Chart (Beta)

Treemap (Beta)

Map (Beta)

Filled Map (Beta)

Shape Map (Beta)

Funnel (Beta)

Gauge (Beta)

Card (Beta)

Slicer (Beta)

Table (Beta)

More Charts Coming....

Thanks for taking a look at the New Report Theme generator.
Stay tuned as I am updating the tool as fast I can.
Version: Jan. 22nd, 2018