Power BI Field Finder V2

The Power BI Field Finder created by Stephanie Bruno was just updated. In this recent update the HTML viewer has been updated since the old custom visual has been deprecated.

What is Field Finder?

We are glad you asked. The Power BI Field finder is a tool that can be used to review all the relevant connections between tables, measures and visuals within a report. This solution is easy to use and very informative. Simply point the Field Finder at a PBIX file. Then the Field Finder tool will de-construct all the visual elements of the report and digest them in to one complete data set.

Why do I need it?

If you have done any Power BI development over the years, you will notice a pattern.

  • Start building a report
  • Create some measures for a visual
  • Measures don’t work or report needs changes
  • Make more measures
  • Delete and replace visuals
  • Add visual styles and elements requiring additional measures
  • Finally publish report

After completing this process, which could be over the span of days to months. You will likely have a Power BI report with extra measures or un-needed calculated columns.

Then you are introduced with a problem, How do I go through and clean up the entire report? Do I need to click on every single visual to see which measures are used?

Doing this for a page or two you quickly are overwhelmed with tracking all that information. This is where Power BI Field Finder really shines. It handles all of that for you with a couple button clicks.

Download Power BI Field Finder

Be sure to download field finder for yourself.

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