The Explicit Measures Podcast is a Power BI centric show with Mike Carlo, Seth Bauer, and Tommy Puglia.

How To Listen

The Podcast airs live every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 am CST ( -6 UTC ) on YouTube. You can follow on the PowerBI.Tips YouTube Channel, and check LinkedIn and Twitter for links to the live streams.

All of the episodes are available on most podcast platforms the same day as the live stream. You can subscribe on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen.

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Join US Live

If just listening isn’t enough you can join us live on YouTube where every episode is streamed Live.

About the Podcast

We just love talking about Power BI. Many of our conversations would be common around your water cooler at work. So many available resources in the community that focuses on the “how” in Power BI. For Example the how to do Drill Through, or how to use DAX. The Explicit Measures Podcast is all around the WHY.

Addressing the Why

  • Why use a particular feature
  • Does it make sense for my users?
  • What does this mean for me to implement a feature?
  • How Power BI is going to be used and consumed?

The Podcast speaks to these additional topics. We aim to put practical knowledge in your hands. We hope you will enjoy our bi weekly podcast.

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