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Learning Power BI Deployment & Governance

I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with Melissa Coates to lead the Power BI Deployment & Governance class.

Carlo + Coates Training

Power BI is growing at a tremendous rate. Thus, as a leader in your organization you need to feel confident about the decision you make to deploy and run your Power BI environment.

Topics Covered

  • content management
  • security
  • user enablement
  • system oversight
  • data governance
  • data culture

The course consists of two main components

  • Online content and
  • Live Q&A sessions

Feel like this would benefit you? Would this help you manage your Organization? If so, Learn how to sign up by following this link.

Online Content

Online content includes recorded presentations, templates, checklists, and lists of action items.

Live Workshops and Q&A

The live sessions are held three times a month and allow participants to ask questions, discuss challenges and work with course leaders with real demos. The course is suitable for anyone who is involved with rolling out Power BI in their organization and wants to learn best practices and practical techniques.

Another awesome partnership is with Delta Associates who has played an important role in my Career! Over the past couple of months I’ve been working with the Delta Team to refine training for Power BI. Learn more about our partnership here.

Who is Delta Associates?

Delta is a team of incredibly smart individuals who specialize in helping organizations think analytically. Their training spans Business Insights: Black Belt Level 1 Certification, Business Insights Green Belt, Advanced Category Management, Power BI Training, Mastery of Selling Skills. That a lot of expertise, Right? All the professional instructors are seasoned business specialists. Therefore you can be confident you are being trained from someone who know the business industry.

The Passion is Real

One thing I can guarantee you is that the Delta team has passion. They really LOVE talking about data. And, that might even be an understatement. Their passion for finding truth in data really impacted me. This was evident while I was attending there Delta Business Insights Black Belt Level 1 Course. Needless to say training was challenging and fun.

Why I Love Delta

Nowadays, merely thinking with an analytical mind is not enough. With all the choices of visualization tools, we need to communicate clearly and effectively. This is the beauty of the Delta Associates training programs. Each course is designed to provide you with technical know how but also teaches you to communicate with data.

My Story

Here is my personal story. Let’s go back to when I was working for Johnson Controls. At the time I was on the Business Intelligence and Analytics team. I had clearly shown my knack for working with Excel. I’d become that go to guy to fix all the Excel issues. My background in Mechanical Engineering was foundational in needing to use excel to chew through data. I quickly became good at writing macros, complex formulas.

The Delta team was hired to train our Category Management team. We were taught how to critically weed through massive amounts of data to find the most impactful insights. I attended the Business Insights: Black Belt Level 1 Certification. I Felt like this would be a breeze since I already knew a ton about Excel. However, the training went way beyond just clicking the buttons in Excel. I was challenged to review the data more intently. We worked through how to measure performance, and communicate with our data.

For me this was a turning point in my career. I decided that Data and Analytics is for me. That was about the time that I started to dive heavily into Excel Power Query and Power BI. From there the rest was history. Data is now my life. I love working with other individuals who love and value the importance to data.

Delta for the Win

Well, I hope you enjoyed my story. If you feel like this is something you could also benefit from please visit the Delta site for more information. Again, thanks for your time, and remember to Act like the Business and Think like I.T.