• Transforming Power BI Customization: “WireFrames” in PowerBI.Tips Theme Generator

    Introducing the New PowerBI.Tips WireFrames Feature In the dynamic landscape of data visualization, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the latest game-changing feature in the PowerBI.Tips Theme Generator: WireFrames! This innovation not only revolutionizes the way Power BI is customized but also opens [...]
  • Unlock Your Creativity with the Power BI Tips Theme Generator: Exciting New Features!

    At Power BI Tips, we’re committed to providing you with the best tools and resources to enhance your report building experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a range of exciting new features to the Power BI Tips Theme Generator! With these new additions, we’re taking theme customization to a [...]
  • Does a Power BI developer need Python?

    In this episode of the Explicit Measures Podcast, we discuss the values of adding Python knowledge. It is well known that more organizations are moving to cloud platforms. Because of this, we should ask the following questions: What will be the needed skills for Power BI professionals?Is this for the [...]
  • PowerBI Tips Theme Generator: The Ultimate Tool for Creating Complex Themes

    Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that helps organizations to gain insights into their data. With its ability to create stunning visualizations, it’s no wonder that it’s become a popular tool among businesses. However, creating the perfect visualization requires more than just dragging and dropping data points onto [...]
  • Welcome to Community Jam

    PowerBI.Tips LOVES community. And we are out to prove it. We are so proud to announce Community Jam by PowerBI.Tips, the all-inclusive, resource driven, and COMMUNITY led learning tool for members of the Power BI Community. Today is our first step – there is so much more to come. What [...]
  • Live AMA with Marco Russo & Alberto Ferrari

    When the moon hits your eye… If Dean Martin were still alive and loved Power BI as much as we do… Do you think he might change up the lyrics of his song? He would likely add a location like Chicago, add a pair of Italians that rarely grace small [...]
  • Super Fast Data Loads to Prod

    When you have really large data models loaded in powerbi.com there are challenges around quickly loading gigs of data into a data model. This is particularly challenging when working with data models in production. When changes are made which require a full load of data tables this can take hours [...]
  • Cloud PBI icon downloading a Report file with Power Shell

    Power BI Hack: Download Report Authored in Browser as PBIX

    The Problem Most of you have probably run into a situation where someone in your organization has authored a report in the Power BI web service, and now they want to make changes that can only be done with Power BI Desktop. So, you try to download the PBIX file [...]
  • Power BI Support

    Power BI Support Channel: Microsoft Teams Tips

    Tips for using Power BI with a Microsoft Teams Channel […]
  • Stack of books with Grad Cap

    8 Mistakes I made to Start Learning Power BI

    Steve Campbell describes his journey to learn Power BI. Read about his lessons which may help you better understand Power BI. […]
  • Certified vs. Promoted Dataset?

    Power BI continues to grow and strengthen its position in the enterprise space. A feature that you may not be aware of, but can be extremely valuable, is the ability to certify datasets. This capability [...]
  • Business Ops 3.0.2: Updated External Tools

    Howdy folks, and Happy New Year! We’ve just released Business Ops 3.0.2, which contains long-awaited updates for the following External Tools: ALM Toolkit 5.0.28DAX Studio 2.17.3Tabular Editor 2.16.5Tabular Editor 3.2.0Report Analyzer 1.6.0Model Documenter 2.0.1 Thank [...]
  • In the day to day operations of businesses speed of delivery, cost effectiveness, and satisfaction of outcome is a trifecta of challenges we run against as report authors. Picking and choosing what parts to deliver, [...]
  • Power BI Themes

    Themes are the bedrock of consistency. As report authors it is important to create a consistent experience in a single, series or multitude of reports. With a little forethought you can easily build reports that [...]
  • Discussing SQLBI’s 7 Reasons DAX is Not Easy

    First of all, go read this amazing blog put out by Alberto Ferrari over at SQLBI that he posted awhile ago. It is the context for the conversation we had and is well worth the [...]
  • Data Culture with Matthew Roche

    This month we partnered with the relaunch of the Des Moines user group to host Matthew Roche. This month’s topic is all about data culture. If you don’t know Matthew you should get to know [...]
  • Measuring Data Culture Success

    This topic was gleaned from the absolute wealth of knowledge put down in the MSFT Power BI Adoption Roadmap. We highly recommend you check the full roadmap. In this episode, we focused in on Data [...]
  • All Columns have Data Types in DAX, Or do they?

    To say this another way. Not all columns have datatypes in DAX, specifically speaking to using dynamic ranking with an “Other” category. Let me explain. The Tabular model is comprised of tables with typed columns. [...]
  • Trolling the Power BI Ideas Site

    Trolling… we should clear up the definition of this right off the bat. We aren’t talking about the type of trolling where we spend a bunch of time finding things on the Power BI Ideas [...]
  • Power BI Formal vs. Self-Training

    We’ve been having an amazing amount of fun having conversations on our podcast “Explicit Measures”. Join us live on Tuesdays and Thursdays on YouTube or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast. During our podcast this [...]
  • Business Ops: New and Updated External Tools

    Howdy, folks! This past weekend, I was a man on a mission. There were two pressing reasons for a new release of Business Ops: The authors of many popular External Tools released updates recently, so [...]
  • Using the Power BI Scanner API to Manage Tenant’s Entire Metadata

    Much thanks must go to both Ferry Bouwman and Rui Romano for inspiration and building off the work they have done already for the use cases for the Scanner API. Ferry created the initial Microsoft [...]
  • Business Ops Update: Bugfix

    Howdy folks! We have just published a bugfix release for Business Ops; Version 2.0.2 is now available for download. Please see the instructions below for details. Instructions If you have installed Business Ops 2.0 or [...]
  • A better way to Mobile

    Where does the Power BI Mobile app fit within your report building plan? This topic is widely un-discussed within the Power BI community. Many blogs and tutorials focus mainly on developing Power BI reports for [...]
  • Three New Time-Saving Scripts for Tabular Editor

    Howdy folks! I just published three new scripts for Tabular Editor to the PowerBI.tips “TabularEditor-Scripts” repository on GitHub yesterday. So, I wanted to take a moment to explain what they do, and why you should [...]