• Improve User Experience
    In the day to day operations of businesses speed of delivery, cost effectiveness, and satisfaction of outcome is a trifecta of challenges we run against as report authors. Picking and choosing what parts to deliver, and when, determines the overall success of a given report. However, we typically can’t do [...]
  • Power BI Themes

    Power BI Themes

    Themes are the bedrock of consistency. As report authors it is important to create a consistent experience in a single, series or multitude of reports. With a little forethought you can easily build reports that exhibit the same fonts, properties and many other aspects with a Power BI Theme. If [...]
  • 7 Reasons DAX is Not Easy

    Discussing SQLBI’s 7 Reasons DAX is Not Easy

    First of all, go read this amazing blog put out by Alberto Ferrari over at SQLBI that he posted awhile ago. It is the context for the conversation we had and is well worth the read. 7 Reason DAX is Not Easy If you are new to DAX you will [...]
  • Data Culture with Matthew Roche

    This month we partnered with the relaunch of the Des Moines user group to host Matthew Roche. This month’s topic is all about data culture. If you don’t know Matthew you should get to know him. His experience in developing enterprise data access is second to none. Along this journey [...]
  • Measure Data Culture Success

    Measuring Data Culture Success

    This topic was gleaned from the absolute wealth of knowledge put down in the MSFT Power BI Adoption Roadmap. We highly recommend you check the full roadmap. In this episode, we focused in on Data Culture, this topic is a bit ambiguous as it relates to how you measure the [...]
  • All Columns have Data Types in DAX, Or do they?

    To say this another way. Not all columns have datatypes in DAX, specifically speaking to using dynamic ranking with an “Other” category. Let me explain. The Tabular model is comprised of tables with typed columns. This is a truth learned in one’s Tabular infancy. Whether the table is imported, calculated, [...]
  • Trolling Ideas

    Trolling the Power BI Ideas Site

    Trolling… we should clear up the definition of this right off the bat. We aren’t talking about the type of trolling where we spend a bunch of time finding things on the Power BI Ideas site and say obnoxious things about them to elicit a response. We may say obnoxious [...]
  • Formal vs. Self

    Power BI Formal vs. Self-Training

    We’ve been having an amazing amount of fun having conversations on our podcast “Explicit Measures”. Join us live on Tuesdays and Thursdays on YouTube or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast. During our podcast this last week, we talked about which method is better when trying to learn all the [...]
  • Business Ops: New and Updated External Tools

    Howdy, folks! This past weekend, I was a man on a mission. There were two pressing reasons for a new release of Business Ops: The authors of many popular External Tools released updates recently, so we needed to ship a new version of Business Ops with those updates includedLast week, [...]
  • Using the Power BI Scanner API to Manage Tenant’s Entire Metadata

    Much thanks must go to both Ferry Bouwman and Rui Romano for inspiration and building off the work they have done already for the use cases for the Scanner API. Ferry created the initial Microsoft Flow to automate the request and pull of data, and design ideas were taken by [...]



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