• Much thanks must go to both Ferry Bouwman and Rui Romano for inspiration and building off the work they have done already for the use cases for the Scanner API. Ferry created the initial Microsoft Flow to automate the request and pull of data, and design ideas were taken by [...]
  • Howdy folks! We have just published a bugfix release for Business Ops; Version 2.0.2 is now available for download. Please see the instructions below for details. Instructions If you have installed Business Ops 2.0 or 2.0.1, you should use the “Edit External Tools” menu to remove the External Tools you [...]
  • A better way to Mobile

    Where does the Power BI Mobile app fit within your report building plan? This topic is widely un-discussed within the Power BI community. Many blogs and tutorials focus mainly on developing Power BI reports for a desktop screen.  More specifically, a report design that fits a wide screen monitor. However, [...]
  • Three New Time-Saving Scripts for Tabular Editor

    Howdy folks! I just published three new scripts for Tabular Editor to the PowerBI.tips “TabularEditor-Scripts” repository on GitHub yesterday. So, I wanted to take a moment to explain what they do, and why you should have them in your Tabular Editor Scripts arsenal. Replace String Across All Power QueriesReplaces a [...]
  • Copy Power BI Desktop Server:Port Connection String to Clipboard

    Howdy, folks! A few months ago, I was writing and running various PowerShell scripts to manipulate the connected data models in my Power BI Desktop files. During model development, I was constantly having to open DAX Studio to copy the Server:Port connection string, and thinking, “there’s got to be a [...]
  • Power BI Bookmarks Tips. Bookmarks are powerful and can improve the reader’s experience. However, there are several settings to be aware of. […]
  • Image of people at table
    This article follows from Episode 5 of the new Explicit Measures Podcast, a whole new way to talk about Power BI. If this article strikes you as relevant, subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you listen. You can also watch live at 7:30am CST every Tuesday and [...]
  • This is part 3 of 3 in a series designed to help Power BI users and enthusiasts. The first post focuses on identifying the dizzying array of skills that make up the Power BI ecosystem. It was created to help you take a personal inventory and assess your current skills. [...]
  • PowerBI.tips is happy to announce our podcast Explicit Measures. Join us to listen every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 am CST (-6) UTC. […]
  • One of the biggest improvements you can make to your life and career is embracing a learning mentality. If you are here, I assume one of your interest areas is Power BI. This post is the 2nd in the series to help individuals identify where your current skill strengths are, [...]

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