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Handle Errors in Data Refreshes with Power Automate

2020-01-16 2

This article examines using the advanced editor in Power Query to better handle when things go wrong. It will also allow custom actions to be triggered using Power Automate, allowing the rest of the data to be refreshed while alerting the owner by email of data source errors.

KPIs in Power BI

2020-01-14 1

KPIs are a key visualization type used to convey high level metrics to the end users. They provide an at-a-glance metric that allows business users […]

Introducing Scrims

Introducing Scrims

2019-12-23 0

PowerBI.tips is excited to announce our new tool to help you build the best looking reports, Scrims. We’ve built out a fast and easy solution […]

Scrims Instructions

Scrims Instructions

2019-12-21 0

Thanks for your interest in our product Scrims. For more details on what is a scrim click this link to Learn More. Download a scrim […]

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