The Dice Game

Main Image of the Dice Game
The Dice Game

Well, it’s Friday, time to take a little break and play the Dice Game! The Power BI community is creative and is always developing amazing ideas. This is another incredible example that you can play right in Power BI! The brain child of this game is Kerry Kolosko, an Analyst out of of Australia.

Play the game

Below is a sample of the game. Again, fully built in PowerBI. Check out give it a good old roll of the dice!

The Magic in the Game

There are animations moving elements all on the report canvas. Rounded buttons to click on. All sorts of neat visual elements. These creative elements are capable via a custom visual, HTML Content. The HTML Content visual is maintained by Daniel Patrick-Marsh.

Daniel’s work on custom visual development is top notch. So if you are super impressed with this report go download this visual from App Source.

DOWNLOAD HTML Content Visual

Download the Game

For those of us who are really curious and want to see all the code. Download the full Dice Game found here.

DOWNLOAD the Dice Game

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