Dynamic Filters in PowerBI

Dynamic Report Filters - Guy in a Cube
Dynamic Report Filters - Guy in a Cube

This video talks about how to create custom links that apply report level filters.  This is super cool and provides a ton of wide flexibility when building drill down reports.  In this example Patrick talks to filtering a report based on a Sales Person (Lilly Code).  Great technique for drilling down into subsets of data within a report.  If implemented in correctly this will enhance the user experience.

Dynamic filtering with PowerBI:

In the above video Patrick has referred to a previous video done by Adam talking about report filters within the URL query string.  For convience I have linked the referred video below, so you can watch it all in one place.

If you haven’t already make sure you go check out Adam’s site and YouTube Blog for more great information.

For more great videos about Power BI click the image below:

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  1. Hello Patrick, Awesome Video, Can you explain how you have the Sales person field in the detailed report, set as Select person at default until a link is clicked from the high level report.

    • Hi, Imou, what patrick is doing is he is publishing it to workspace. When he does this the URL for the details page is static. When you have the URL link you can add a filter parameter onto the URL ( ?filter=Salesperson//Employee eq ‘Lily Code’ ) This is going to the report page, then applying the filter to the Salesperson Table, with the column called Employee and filtering down to ‘Lilly Code’. The second half of the video explains how to make this dynamic. It starts at minute 5. Watch from minute 5 to the end to see how Patrick creates the link.

  2. Hi,
    I have one master report and four sub-report are there.Suppose i use drill through filter then,in master report showing the four sub-report names.(End user not understanding which sub-report should i select,confusing will be there)
    My question :Any alternate way which is having similar action like drill through filter?

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