Power BI May 2017 Release

Microsoft May 17 Update
Microsoft May 17 Update

It’s that exciting time of month again.  Time for another power BI desktop release.  This month here are a couple of good highlights you should check out.

  1. First up enhanced tables with word wrapping in both headers and table rows.  Woot Woot, I have really needed this feature!
  2. Clicking a row in the table will now allow filtering in other visuals.  Similar functionality to the matrix features that we already saw last month.
  3. Enhanced URL links for tables.  This on is interesting.  If you are an ad agency you should really pay attention to this one.  This allows you to embed a mailto command directly in a table.  Then you can click the link to send an email to someone directly from Power BI, perfect for following with a sales leads.
  4. Combo charts label density.  This feature is one I can really stand behind. Frankly, I didn’t know I needed it, but now that I have seen the light, this will be awesome.

For the full Power BI Desktop release here is the full announcement.

If you want to watch the full video for the release you can see the full video below:

Download the latest release of Power BI Desktop here.