Model Performance in DAX Studio

Understand more about your model then you thought possible! This is part two in our series on DAX Studio. If you missed part one be sure to check out the Introduction to DAX Studio.
In this session Marco Russo shares the fundamentals for model performance in DAX Studio and dives into key areas that you absolutely need to understand. Marco is an accomplished trainer and you won’t find a better resource to guide you on this journey.

Using DAX Studio in conjunction with Vertipaq Analyzer Marco shows us how we can discover and explore the key statistics about our models.
Use Vertipaq Analyzer against your open Power BI model or any tabular model. This tool only exports the tabular metadata, not the data! So we can do offline analysis on a model we don’t have access to by having people with permissions export these metrics. Better yet, we can download this into Excel and everything gets broken down for you all the way to your relationships and measures… AMAZING!

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