Designing a Great Power BI Report

Designing a Great Report

What does it take to design and create a great looking report in Power BI? Do you have a clear understanding of what tools and techniques you should use every time? Recently the owners of PowerBI.Tips had the pleasure of speaking with Reza Rad’s user group on the fundamentals we use to build great looking reports every day.

This presentation focuses on the basic concepts and things we do for every report. This one isn’t about all the unique features we love talking about leveraging, but rather the nuts and bolts that you can use to make every report shine.

Key Concepts

We’d invite you to join us by watching the video where we cover these fundementals in depth.

  1. Discover insights. Who is your audience and what questions can you ask to drive into those key metrics
  2. Define and outline the process for developing key visuals based on those insights
  3. How can you create and use a background to enhance the look & feel of your report
  4. Creating a consistent theme that you can re-use again and again
  5. Using tools like Themes, Scrims or Layouts to help you make this experience more achievable

Designing a Great Power BI Report

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