Mirabile Notitia – Power BI with Harry Potter

Harry Potter Feature

I was recently contacted by Power BI Community member Gomathy Viswanathan and Ashwini Nayak. Thus, it is my pleasure share with you their incredible report. The Harry Potter Escape room. If you are as curious as I was you will enjoy this fun and light hearted puzzle.

Play the Game

Take a little break today and give the Harry Potter Escape room a try.

The Creators

Escape Room, Harry Potter Edition was originally posted on the Power BI Community. Be sure to follow Gomathy and Ashwini on LinkedIn. For a quick tutorial on how to use the game the creators watch the video below.

Download the Game

Feel free to download a copy of the Escape Room to see how it was built. While these games are fun to play, there are many techniques you can learn from. Learning the ins and outs of bookmarking definitely will help your report building skills for example.

Note: definitions for Mirabile Notitia
Mirable from Mirriam-Webster
Notitia from Mirriam-Webster

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