In the March 2017 release of Power BI the feature to change the Color Theme of your report was added. However, the functionality was added but the tool to make the color theme was missing. Seeing a need in the market I quickly developed what I believe to be easy to use but powerful Color Theme generation tools.

The Color Report Generator is now live, click on the image below to use the tool:


  • Includes JSON visual report themes
  • Includes an easy to use Color Wheel
  • Allows unlimited data color input
  • Color Wheel allows for fine tuning of color pallet
  • Each parameter comes with HEX code validation for manually entered codes


To use the Basic Color Theme Generator Click here or the image below:

Basic Color Theme Generator


  • Allows you pick 12 data colors
  • Correctly formats all the HEX color codes
  • Includes a color selector to pick colors