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Report Theme Tool
Power BI Report Theme Creator, Helps you format JSON for visual properties.
Theme Master 500
Charles Sterling
A simple tool to help pick a color scheme and download a JSON file with auto selected colors
-Charles Sterling
DAX Studio
One of the best DAX tools out there right now
DAX Editor
Another great DAX tool for working with tabular models
Power BI Helper Tool
This tools helps you find all tables and fields which are used in visualizations, it can hel you clean up your data model
Power BI
Theme Galleries
Need some ideas for a Power BI Report Theme, check out the Power BI report theme gallery
Power BI
Measure Gallery
This gallery is a community collection of DAX measures that help you prepare data for your visuals
DAX Glossary
From Curbal.com
A searchable DAX Glossary with Videos and Downloadable samples of PBIX files

Get Involved

The Power BI community is growing, if you have a question about the tool check out the community site for help
Got Ideas?
Got an idea on how to improve Power BI, submit your idea here and have it reviewed by the product team
Power BI User Groups
(PUG) Groups
Find a local Power BI User Group near you. Meetings held monthly

Paid Learning

Chris Webb
January 29-31, 2018
Introduction to Power BI, 3 days from Chris Webb
-Chris Webb

Free Learning

Partner Showcase
Need some help with your projects, here are a list of projecst and Microsfot partners that can help
Video Gallery
Check out all the Power BI videos from Microsoft on Youtube
Guy In A Cube
Video Gallery
Microsoft's very own Adam Saxton and Patric LeBlanc with the latest updates
Video Gallery
This video series a ton of DAX tutorials, as well as multiple other tips and tricks
Learn about the settings contianed within the Administrative Portal
Power BI Embedded
Documentation for Power BI Embedded
Power BI Embedded
Video Library
Video documentation for Power BI Embedded
Power BI Embedded
JavaScript Samples
Working Samples of Power BI Embedded
Power BI Embedded
API Apiary Docs
Technical documentation on the Embedded APIs using ApiAry.io
Power BI Embedded
API Documentation
The Offical technical documentation on the Embedded APIs
Power Query Functions
Git Hub Samples
Additional Functions for Power Query (M) Language


Michael Carlo
Free Tutorials on Power BI
Charles Sterling
The one the only Charles Sterling and his amazing blog
Offical Power BI Blog
The site of the offical Power BI Blog
Marco Russo
Great Resource for all thing DAX
Adam Saxton
Adam works for Microsoft and provides the excellent content for Power BI
Gil Raviv
Gil is a master of the query editor (m language), check out his stuff here
Rob Collie
Focuses on Power Pivot and DAX calculations
Seth Bauer
The original PowerBI-er, Great Articles on all things Power BI
Chris Webb
A great knowldgebase almost anything, Chris has been blogging since 2004
Power DAX
Power DAX has many great tips and tricks for using DAX in creative ways to make your reports shine
Igor Cotruta
This subtle blogger has incredible posts query transformations
Ruth Pozuelo Martinez
Ruth has been a power house in grenerating great content since 2016
Imke Feldmann
Imke is a finance director for over 15 years, this blog illustrates clever BI tool usage in accounting
Mitchell Pearson
DAX, DAX and More DAX, What Can I say this guy is a DAX expert
Matt Allington
A professional trainer, Matt has many great blog posts about Power BI and DAX
Edgewood Solutions
Really wide range of topics M, DAX calculations, and Visual Analytics