Data Culture with Matthew Roche

This month we partnered with the relaunch of the Des Moines user group to host Matthew Roche. This month’s topic is all about data culture. If you don’t know Matthew you should get to know him. His experience in developing enterprise data access is second to none. Along this journey of working with the largest Microsoft clients Matthew has learned a lot about their data cultures.

Obviously working with so many companies you can see what works and what does not. In this video webinar, Matthew discusses what is Data Culture. Additionally, there are aspects of what determines a successful environment.

Check out the full video below. Link for YouTube Video.

Thank You and Follow

Massive thank you to Matthew our presenter. Huge shout out to James Bartlett and Dipo Thompson for the planning. Be sure to follow our presenters on LinkedIn.

Other Data Culture Projects

Matthew has also worked on many other impactful projects. One such project has been the Power BI Roadmap. This the best guide for individuals wanting to start their Power BI journey. On the Explicit Measures Podcast we discuss the Power BI roadmap quite often. Thus, we feel it adds a ton of value. Check it out for yourself.

Visit the Power BI Adoption Roadmap here

Data Culture Image from Adoption Roadmap

Data Culture Slides

For the link to the slides of this presentation please download them here.

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