Trolling the Power BI Ideas Site

Trolling Ideas
Trolling Ideas

Trolling… we should clear up the definition of this right off the bat. We aren’t talking about the type of trolling where we spend a bunch of time finding things on the Power BI Ideas site and say obnoxious things about them to elicit a response. We may say obnoxious things, but not in that context. In any case, what we spend time doing periodically is seeing what fantastic ideas people are coming up with and requesting for future feature enhancement. Today we’re going to dive into some of our favorites and would encourage you to give them a look. If you agree with us, be sure to vote them up!

The Power BI Ideas Site

If you aren’t familiar this site was created right alongside the Power BI Community site and has been part of the ecosystem of Power BI for a long time. It certainly speaks to Microsoft wanting to hear from, and build a great community around Power BI right from launch. The site is a direct way that users can submit ideas, garner support from the community, and raise the visibility of that request. The Power BI product teams then review the most voted on requests and determine if the request is something that they want to add into the tool.

Trolling & Contributing

Perusing the ideas and contributions of others is always a good way to broaden your scope. It gives you a taste of what other people need and want in a tool that may serve you just fine. Its also a shortcut to understand what isn’t in the tool that maybe you thought was. More importantly though, the site is a great way to contribute your ideas to making Power BI even better than it is already. We encourage everyone to contribute.

Top Picks

Mike’s Ideas: 

Tommy Ideas: 

Seth’s Ideas:

Join us for the full conversation as we discussed all these and more in the podcast!

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