Measuring Data Culture Success

Measure Data Culture Success
Measure Data Culture Success

This topic was gleaned from the absolute wealth of knowledge put down in the MSFT Power BI Adoption Roadmap. We highly recommend you check the full roadmap. In this episode, we focused in on Data Culture, this topic is a bit ambiguous as it relates to how you measure the outcome or success of your organizations data culture. Despite that, we took a good shot and covered quite a bit of ground and came up with some good ideas of how to better measure and determine how to build, how to measure and challenges organizations face when embarking on increasing the value of decision making based on data.

Its a Culture Thing

“You know it when you have it, and you know it went you don’t.” – Mike Carlo

“If you are trying to measure culture, you are really just trying to measure behavior.” – Tommy Puglia

“It’s pattern changing of people… one of the largest challenges any organization will have..” – Seth Bauer

How do you Measure it?

Behaviors are hard to measure, but you can put things in place to evaluate it. Tommy uses his sociology degree and brings up a good point in that there are ways in which we can directly and indirectly measure culture. Overall, the time invested in each of the different areas of the adoption roadmap will indicate how successful the data culture is. Success metrics are pointed out in how widely available data is to the organization.

Is it easy for individuals to find, access and use the right data at the right time? When they find it, do they know what it means? As organizations begin to invest time and resources in building out areas of the adoption roadmap the better and stronger they become at making data based decisions. The investments start to develop patterns of behavior that drive to better outcomes. Listen for more ideas on what sort of KPIs you could measure, or different patterns and behaviors would indicate your data culture is strong.

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