Dual Y-Axis Line Chart

Dual Y-Axis Chart

Ever need two different scales on the Y-Axis of a line chart? If so, then this tutorial is for you. While creating a dual y-axis line chart is pretty common in excel, it is not as easy in power BI. The only standard chart that comes with Power BI Desktop that enables dual y-axis is the Column and line combo chart types.

For this particular visual I needed to show correlation between two time series with different Y-axis scales. The Y-axis on the left of the chart had data elements in the thousands, but the right side needed percentages. The tutorial below illustrates how to accomplish by building a custom visual using the Charts.PowerBI.Tips tool.

Video Tutorial

note: there are a bunch of really good custom visuals that can be downloaded from the Microsoft App Source store. However, this article will not review all third party visuals that are able to produce a dual Y-axis line chart.

Source files

All files used to create this visual are located here on GitHub.

Layout file

The file used in this tutorial was a derivation of the Sunset layout from PowerBI.Tips. If you like this file, you can download it here:

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