Power BI Formal vs. Self-Training

Formal vs. Self
Formal vs. Self

We’ve been having an amazing amount of fun having conversations on our podcast “Explicit Measures”. Join us live on Tuesdays and Thursdays on YouTube or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast. During our podcast this last week, we talked about which method is better when trying to learn all the different aspects of Power BI, Formal vs. Self-Training. Given that the tool has been out 6+ years, there are plenty of resources available now to all end users. As such, we discussed in detail many aspects of what these approaches offer. We’re huge proponents of making sure that all individuals keep learning, and the time you invest in yourself increases your value personally and professionally. Above all, whether it is formal training, or self-training, we encourage everyone to keep learning.

Formal vs. Self-Training


Typically this type of training revolves around someone teaching you. One of the benefits of formal training is that it allows beginners and advanced users alike to accelerate their learning. The main reason is because the expert teaching can provide insights and shortcuts that have to be hard earned when doing Self-Training. Formal training will almost always be something you need to pay for.


Self-Training revolves around what material is out there that you find on your own. This means you are learning things as you go. A lot of the different things we learned ourselves fall into this bucket. The challenge with this method of learning is that you don’t know what you don’t know. As a result, it may take longer for you to experience the bigger issues and solve the problems without anyone guiding you. Some types of materials that support Self-Training are the Power BI Community, blogs and books. When you are researching and finding your own learning path the material is usually free.

Our Recommendations

Have your organization support your goals. Is there potential for you to tie this to your yearly goals? Is there some way you can take what you learned and share with other colleagues.

Some of our favorite Links for learning:

Other Questions & Areas Discussed

Is Self-Training the same thing as solving a problem for your current job need?

Practical vs. Theoretical Learning.

Is there a difference between knowing Power BI in your job vs. knowing Power BI?

Will Formal or Self-Training set you apart from others when looking for a job?

Check out the full episode below where we discuss all these things in detail.

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