Introducing Layouts

2018-01-16 0 is extremely happy to be part of, and contribute to, the Power BI Community. We’re constantly trying to think of new and interesting ways […]

Copy Visuals Between Reports

Move Visuals Between Reports

2018-01-15 0

There are cases when working with Power BI files, that you would want to transfer a visual from one report to another report.  While this […]

Monthly DAX Date Tables

Start of Month DAX Calendar

2017-12-20 2

While on a recent project I needed to build a variation of the DAX date table.  In my previous post, found here Creating DAX Date Tables I […]

Build a Custom Usage Report

Custom Usage Metrics Reporting

2017-11-24 0

One of the really cool features contained within the service is the ability to monitor how often your dashboard or report is being viewed.  […]