Move Visuals Between Reports

Copy Visuals Between Reports
Copy Visuals Between Reports

There are cases when working with Power BI files, that you would want to transfer a visual from one report to another report.  While this feature is not available within the Power BI desktop program as of today, this is available within the service.

To copy a visual from one report to another, both reports need to be located with the service.

Navigate to the report where you want to copy the visual from.  In this example I have created two reports, Sample 1 and Sample 2.  I will copy a table visual from Report Sample 1 and paste it into Report Sample 2.  Once you have opened the report Click the Edit report button on the top navigation bar.  This will change the report into edit mode and provide additional options.

Navigate to Sample 1 Report
Navigate to Sample 1 Report

Select the visual you wish to copy and press CTRLC, to copy the visual.  Next click on the new report Sample 2, in our example, where you want to paste the visual.

Select Sample 2 Report
Select Sample 2 Report

Again, click the Edit report on the report (Sample 2) where the visual is being copied to.

Edit Sample 2 Report
Edit Sample 2 Report

Finally, click anywhere on the white space within the report page and press CTRL + V to paste the visual into the new report.

Paste Visual to Sample 2 Report
Paste Visual to Sample 2 Report

That is it.  You have successfully moved a visual from one report to another.

There are some points to consider with using this technique.

  1. Both the Copy From report and the Copy To reports need to be in the service.
  2. Once you have copied the visual over to the new report you can download the report by clicking File, then selecting Download report (Preview).  You can only download reports from if the report was originally created within the Power BI Desktop program.  If the report is made using the service, the download report option will be grayed out.
  3. When coping from one report to another, you have to use the same tab in either internet explorer or chrome.  For this demo I used google chrome and was able to copy and paste the visual between report pages.

I hope you enjoyed this little trick.  Please share it with someone else that might find this valuable.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH!
    I am juggling with 4 reports with different data security level and always had to redo the visuals. This was my only pain point in Power BI. Well, not anymore!!!

  2. Hi,
    i tried to copy the visuals from one report to other report but i cant paste the visual in the second report.i can only copy the visuals between pages but not between reports.
    FYI,both of my reports are developed in power bi desktop and deployed to power bi service.
    Can you please confirm if i am missing something here?

  3. Just checking in to see if this is an option that is still available as of today 6/6/2018. I am asking because I successfully used this technique to separate the dataset from a report last month but I just repeated the process and it is not working for me today. Was the functionality removed? I just verified that I can’t copy/paste to the original report, multiple browsers on different machines, etc. Anybody still able to to this successfully?

    • I was just able to confirm this is still working within the service.

      Here are my steps to reproduce.
      1. Open up report that you want to copy from.
      2. Edit Report
      3. Select visual
      4. Open up left nav bar
      5. Click on new report in the REPORTS section of the window
      6. Edit new report
      7. Paste visual into New report
      8. Save new report with visual from old report.

  4. hello Mike,

    The feature is not working for me.
    I follow the steps you have noticed before but it does not work :/

  5. Does not work for me as of 7/6/2018.
    Following your steps exactly, I can still only copy within the same report.

  6. I just got this to work!
    You MUST choose the report by navigating the left navigation bar.
    If you choose the report from the list that displays the middle panel, it does not work!

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