Report Visualization Tips

Mind Blown

This report is just over the top amazing cool! Check out the work done by the Microsoft team to make this incredible report. It is called the Microsoft Sales & Returns report. We love this […]

Introducing Scrims
PowerBI.Tips Tools

Introducing Scrims is excited to announce our new tool to help you build the best looking reports, Scrims. We’ve built out a fast and easy solution for snapping visualizations into place while giving your reports the […]

Scrims Instructions
PowerBI.Tips Tools

Scrims Instructions

Thanks for your interest in our product Scrims. For more details on what is a scrim click this link to Learn More. Download a scrim from the products page. You can access all the available […]

Performance Tips & Tricks

More Visuals Mo Problems

In some recent conversations the notion of minimizing the number of required visuals came up as a topic. While I know from talking with the Microsoft development team more visuals on a report page increases […]

Interesting & Fun Applications

New Game – aMAZEing DAX

If you haven’t had your mind melted over the past few games that Phil Seamark has developed here is one more, aMAZEing DAX.  This month’s game is a Gauntlet styled game that uses SVGs, and […]