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Back in December of 2019 Microsoft released an incredible sample report called the Sales & Returns Report.  This report encompasses some of the very best design aspects you can build into Power BI Reports.

We absolutely love this design!  So now you can use it in your own reports.

This Scrim includes a Massive 48 unique images to use as your report scrim.

Feature of this Scrim

  • (48) Scrims that are 16:9 ( 1280 x 720 ) ratio
  • Theme File Containing the color pallet
  • Instructions sheet on how to use a scrim
  • All Scrims are free of PowerBI.Tips branding


Learn about What is a Scrim?

Instructions on how to use a Scrim

Check out this amazing Sample Report

Read the full write up on the Microsoft Blog found here.

Download the Sample Report here