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An amazing info-graphic that really looks sharp.  Download now to give your reports some added pop.

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This is the first layout that has an info-graphic style.  Use this layout when you really want to make your data pop.  Includes, bookmarks and custom navigation methods to make a pretty slick user experience when viewing the report.

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11 reviews for Layouts – Sunset – Free

  1. Arunraj Nagarajan

    This is Extraordinary! I have two questions/requests here.
    1) Can i get any inputs on how to create this info graphic style templates?
    2) Normally we use spotlight for a single tile right, how could you implement Multiple spotlight at a same time when user selects a tile from left side? Is there any updates needed for this one?

    • Mike Carlo

      Hi, Arunraj, thanks for the positive comments. Not quite sure what you mean by your first question. If your looking to produce your own info graphic style layouts, feel free to download all the info-graphic layouts and discover how they are made. As far as question #2, You can use spotlight to highlight only one item. If you need more than one item highlighted you will need to get creative with bookmarks. Check out the info-graphic for Cool Blue, which uses this more advanced technique.

  2. Diego Salinas

    These layouts will be soon a “must have” for everyone working with Power Bi.. thank you very much for your work!

  3. Mark

    Hi, Arunraj. Thank for the great layout. I love it. I have one question about ‘Overview’ bookmark. How does it work? What is it associated with?

    • Mike Carlo

      The overview bookmark simply brings you back to the main page.

  4. Osmand Fernando

    This is amazing. Great feature

  5. Olivia

    Hi Mike, I have watched a handful of the PowerBI tips videos and the latest Power Tricks, Tips and Tools video. I am working off of a report that has already been built and customized to our company. However, I cannot figure out how you have a drop shadow behind your visuals in this template. Aside from rigging it with a shape, is there a feature within the formatting that I am not aware of?

    • Mike Carlo

      The drop shadows are all created with shapes. There is nothing within PowerBI that allows drop shadows.

  6. Florent

    Thank you for this awesome work. I have a little problem, all my filters are reinitialized when I change pages.

    • Mike Carlo

      you will need to adjust the bookmark properties. In order to disable the filters changing when you open and close the filter window, you’ll need to click on the ellipsis button of the bookmark, then make sure the Data selection is un-checked. This should disable the bookmarks to adjust the filter context.

  7. Thomas

    It looks great but is there a way to click on each color on the left hand side without having to hold down control?

    • Mike Carlo

      when you publish the report into the service there is no need to hold control. Holding the control button is purely a function of the desktop program and used only during development.

  8. Paul B

    This is an awesome Layout and I love using it. @ Mike, Kindly guide me on how to the change the colors of the featured area (i.e the four boxes on the left hand side of the report)

    • Mike Carlo

      sadly, those are apart of the background image and do not have the ability to change. We are working on ideas to remedy this issue in future versions of Layouts.

  9. Julie T

    I love all of these layouts! Is there any way to pay for a version that doesn’t have the PowerBI Tips logo on them so that I can brand them to my company?

  10. William

    Hi there, would love to download the background image. Is there any chance u have the link ?

  11. Alan

    Thank you, it looks great. How can we get the Theme that accompanies this?

    • Mike Carlo

      Thanks so much. This layout came out before themes were available. Thus, I did not create a theme for this file.

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