New Layout – September 2018 Blog Layout

September Blog Layout
September Blog Layout

In the September 2018 blog post the Microsoft team released a new layout.  This layout has a number of really nice design elements.  However, upon reviewing the file used for this demo found here.  Upon downloading we noticed that the new style of the layout was only one page deep.  As an enhancement to this file we added all the pages, renamed all the elements and created a full PowerBI.Tips layout from this page.  We’d love to share our work with you and hope you enjoy this new layout from

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Demo of September 2018 Layout:

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  1. Great work! There is a lot to like about this template and you have done a great job.

    – I like the layout & navigation buttons. Colour scheme is great … R/Y/G for high/medium/low, and grey scale with dominant colour for rest.
    – Page navigation buttons are nice and bonus Q&A… which is great now as it supports RLS
    – Pop out slicer pane and the possibility of adding additional slicer panes as I am often asked to add an excessive amount of filters / slicers
    – Tile custom tooltips is nice too

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