When to Use Publish to Web

Publish to Web
Publish to Web

There are often questions surrounding Publish to Web.  What is it?  How can I use it to share my reports?  This video walks through the proper usage for Publish to Web and how to manage the Power BI tenant settings.

Check out this video explaining the full details surrounding this topic:

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  1. Thank you for this video and information. This is useful. How does the refresh work for those published visuals?

    • Refreshing the data for a published to web report works just like normal. You can schedule a 1 to 8 times a day to refresh the information. Once the dataset is refreshed the published to web report will reflect the changes.

    • (sorry really late to the game in this response, but for future readers I’ll post) As Mike said the refresh works the same in the Service, but there is a delay of roughly 1hr between when the dataset in the PBI Service is refreshed and when the report in the application will refresh.

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