Segmented Filtering with Slicers

Segmented Filtering with Slicers

This weeks tutorial focuses on the need to control groups of visuals independently.  This recently came up in a project where I needed to adjust all the items on the left side of the screen independently from the right side.  By using the Edit Interactions button found on the Format ribbon you are able to adjust how different visuals interact with each other.  Finally, adding multiple Slicers to the page for controls finishes out the report.  I hope you enjoy this weeks tutorial.


On the demo page of the report you’ll notice that when various items are selected, some of the non-selected items dis-appear.  This is handled by using some formatting within the measures for the visuals.  All the measures used in this tutorial are listed below:

Taking an Average of a Numerical Column:

Average of Values = 
VAR calc = AVERAGE( Data[Value] )
RETURN if( calc = BLANK(), "", calc )

Making Dynamic Titles off of a list of items in a table:

Title = 
VAR title = CONCATENATEX( VALUES( Data[Customer] ), Data[Customer], " & " )
RETURN if( title = BLANK(), "", title )

Producing a sum of values:

Total of Values = 
VAR calc = SUM( Data[Value] )
RETURN if( calc = BLANK(), "", calc )

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