Center the X-Axis on a Line Chart

Center X-Axis

Sometimes when your working on a line chart you want the x-axis to stay centered on a chart. This tutorial will walk you through how to create an X-Axis that will always center it’s self on the graph.

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The measures discussed within this tutorial are:

Variance All = SUM(Sales[Variance])

The column name Variance is found in the data table called sales.  This is just a numerical column.

After summing up all the variances we can calculate the min and max lines.

Const Max Line = [Variance All] * 1.2

Const Min Line = -1 * [Const Max Line]

Finally to calculate the variance to date you can use this filtered measure, which will only produce historical values.

Variance To Date = CALCULATE([Variance All], FILTER('Sales','Sales'[Date] <= EOMONTH(TODAY(),0)))

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  1. Hello,
    I think the tooltip will continue to show the Max and Min line values, correct?

    • correct, but you can remove those if you use a hover over tooltip in conjunction with the Line Chart. That will allow you to remove the default behavior of showing Min, Max, and the line value.

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