Data Sources

Make PBIDS Files

In October of 2019 Power BI released a new file type, PBIDS. The Power BI Desktop Source (PBIDS) file is a JSON object file that aids users connecting to data sources. In true PowerBI.Tips fashion […]

Report Visualization Tips

Grouping with Style

Grouping with Style The release of grouping visuals was an extremely welcomed feature. As one who builds lots of reports grouping elements together is essential to stay organized and to increase report building speed. Since […]

Report Visualization Tips

Dual Y-Axis Line Chart

Ever need two different scales on the Y-Axis of a line chart? If so, then this tutorial is for you. While creating a dual y-axis line chart is pretty common in excel, it is not […]

Sharing & Administration

Power BI Refresh Overview

There are different ways you can connect to a multitude of different data sources. I’ve written about the different connection types before and you can find those articles here if you are unfamiliar with what […]