Make Custom Visuals – Create a Bar Chart

Custom Visuals Bar Chart
Custom Visuals Bar Chart

With the release of the custom visuals building tool Charts.PowerBI.Tips we received a number of comments requesting tutorials on how to build visuals.  Ask and you shall receive!  Below is a basic tutorial on how to create a Bar chart.  Within this tutorial we review a couple of the features of the chart tool and how to use them.

Video Tutorial on Building a Basic Bar Chart Custom Visual

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  1. Hi,
    I don’t manage to set rectangles in the glyph.
    When I try to size them, it collapses…
    Is there a reason please ?
    Camille L.

    • You will want to align the corners of the rectangles to the guide lines within the glyph. If the corners of the rectangles are green it means they are attached to a guide. If the corners are white circles, it means they are not attached. Think of the entire glyph being the full shape that will be represented on the chart. If you need additional guides within the glyph you can add them using the Guides section of the top tool bar. By adding more guides you can divide the glyph in to more segments.

  2. Wow. If I’ve understood it right, this seems extremely promising!
    Assume I could make like a card visual as well with this right and not just charts. Is that right?

  3. Is there a way to make a chart that is a hybrid of a matrix and chart, where the chart appears in one of the columns of the matrix? I’m trying to show last 12 month trend in each line of an expense report.

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