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Updated to version 2.0.1

  • addressed some bug fixes

The Power BI Version Control Download is a free, fully packaged solution. It lets users apply version control and local editing for PBIX or PBIT files. The solution is fully in the Power Platform and SharePoint environment. Power BI Version Control can give business users or smaller organizations the ability to easily implement version control for their Power BI projects. It is useful for multiple analysts working on the same reports.

To see the instructions on how to use, please visit the accompanying blog here.

How to Use the App

How to Install The Solution

Power BI Version Control Download

The download includes the Power App, Power Automate flows.

Please leave feedback or report any bugs here. We recommend to embed the Power BI Version Control app in a Teams channel. Additionally, the SharePoint site can be added to the Files section. Performing the above will allow all appropriate members to use Power BI source control and files in one place. The benefits of using version control include:

  • Single shared location for reports (no emailing files!).
  • Keep all versions of the report (no adding numbers to file name!).
  • Ability to check out file – only one person can make changes at a time.
  • Ability to check in files – add comments on changes.
  • Work locally – make all changes on copies, so we do not edit our files directly.

You can download the full Power BI Version Control for free now.