Keeping it Versatile

Versatile Scrim

I was recently working on some new ideas for a Scrim when I stumbled upon something interesting. A scrim is pretty specific in its layout, and this one is no different. The images are set so that the report author can easily snap the visual sizes into the space. This makes the most sense as it is easy and delivers great looking results. However, I believe that some designs will allow us to get much more mileage out of a single Scrim. In this Scrim I have changed the shape of visual spaces and this has led to some interesting outcomes. I’ll be interested if my excitement around the possible use cases for this Scrim are as significant as I think they are. With that said here are some of the biggest highlights of my latest Scrim – Versatile.

  • Gradient background to add depth
  • Transparent background – allows report author to use any background color
  • Visual shapes are curved on two edges
    • Use unique visual shape
    • Use normal square
    • Use area for title
    • Use area for context


Download this Scrim here:

For additional details, and how you can implement all the above in this Scrim check out the video below.

See how to use this Scrim

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