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Power BI Field Finder

If you’re like me, building a data model in Power BI is an iterative process.  Sometimes, you try out different ways of writing measures before you hit on the one that’s right.  You end up […]

Introducing Scrims
PowerBI.Tips Tools

Introducing Scrims is excited to announce our new tool to help you build the best looking reports, Scrims. We’ve built out a fast and easy solution for snapping visualizations into place while giving your reports the […]

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Building a Gateway Cluster

Power BI requires a gateway for refreshing on premises data sources. There are a myriad of different data sources that you can create and two different ways you can set up the gateway. The first […]

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Power BI Refresh Overview

There are different ways you can connect to a multitude of different data sources. I’ve written about the different connection types before and you can find those articles here if you are unfamiliar with what […]