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UPDATE:  Version 2.0.2
If you are updating from version prior to v2.x.x we recommend you uninstall the old app and re-install current version. Also, you will need to remove all the old external tools installed by Business Ops for Power BI.  To Remove the external tools from Power BI follow these steps.
To remove External Tools do the following:
– Open Business Ops and on the left navigation pane select the Edit External Tools
– Click the trash can next to each external tool name that starts with a Number.
Note: Tools that have a number such as 010, or 099 in front of them are generated by the Business Ops Installer.
Once you have removed all the old External Tools, you are free to load any external tools again from Business Ops 2.0.1.
The reason for this change was for additional security of the external tools. The install directory has moved into the Program Files directory on your machine.
The Business Ops tool is designed to simplify your Development Experience with Power BI Desktop. There are a lot of challenges remembering where all the best power bi external tools are stored.  Many MVPs contribute amazing projects to make your development experience better.  The Business Ops installer is intended to streamline and increase your efficiency when working in Power BI.
Download this installer and you can add all the best External Tools directly into Power BI Desktop.

In our initial release we are adding an installer for all the External tools for Power BI Desktop. This will enable you to have a one stop shop for all the latest versions of External Tools.


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