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It’s time for another game break!  Phil Seamark and I have developed a new game.  This time we need you to help decode the DAX bomb by using your DAX knowledge.

Game Objective:

To win the game, you need to guess a hidden word letter by letter.  The user has a limited number of “chances”, only five (5).  With each wrong guess you closer to losing the game.  In hangman, wrong guesses are often tracked by drawing a set of gallows.   Being that this is morbid and not much fun.  Phil and I thought for this version, using a slowly disappearing Power BI logo to help track progress.


You win the game once you have revealed the entire word in under 5 chances.  Each word that you will be guessing is a DAX function.  Thus, in playing this game you will also be learning DAX function names.

Play the game below:

If you want to read about how Phil developed the game in DAX check out his full blog found on  To play the full size version of this game you can follow this link.

2 reviews for File – DAX Mission Impossible

  1. Gabriel

    Very interesting concept. On my end though, there was a big issue. Selecting a number would bring me to the game screen without the description of the formula. It would only appear with the hint, but also the link for the Microsoft Function Reference page for this DAX formula, giving away the name of the formula as well, since it’s a part of the URL.

    • Mike Carlo

      That is the intended behavior. The description will only show when the hint is pressed. However, since we wanted this to be helpful, the URL, does give away some of the answer. We had to compromise somewhere.

  2. Jason T

    Cool use of DAX. Nice that the author provides insight and details on how it was created.

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