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With the release of this Layout, Cool Blue, we’re going to introduce some neat concepts that we think are sure to please.  First, with the March 2018 release of the Power BI Desktop you can now use a new feature called “Report Page Tooltips”. Be sure to get the full details of how to use this from Amanda in the Power BI blog.  This feature will allow you to embed a report page into a tooltip.  This added feature brings a new level of visualization possibilities to gain deeper insights in-line with you normal visualizations.

We’re also excited to add a new feature set to our Layouts, icons. The icons featured in this report will allow you to add slicers to the report pages to enable in page filtering. There is also an icon that will clear all filters, as well as provide information about the report that you would want to share with end users.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these new features, and look forward to introducing you to more of them in the near future.

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7 reviews for Layouts – Cool Blue – Free

  1. Bryce

    Love it, though I can only give it 4 stars as it doesn’t show up correctly in the mobile app on Android.

    • Mike Carlo

      That is great feedback. I will add this concept into future layouts.

  2. George Gray

    Great youtube video. Thanks so much for sharing your video and this amazing cool blue template!!! You rock!!

  3. Lucas

    Great stuff.

  4. Graham

    I plan on using it for my template although I might combine the sunset template colors into this one to give it more lol and avoid black

  5. Bonnie Baumgartner

    This template is amazing! Love how I can pull all my filters with a simple click– though I’m curious as to how you did that? At first I thought the slicer button was a bookmark to a different page, but it’s not. Where do the filters go when we’re not using them? It’s so beautifully sneaky and it’s going to save a lot of room on my report!

  6. Ralf

    Very useful file, thank you for sharing! I have a question;
    how do you get a different link/bookmark on a same button/image in the selection pane? You can designate only one action to one button right? But in your report, I see that for the exit button in the filter 1 ‘page’ in one bookmark you can go back to page 1 base and with that same image you go to page 2 base in the bookmark for page 2 filters

    • Mike Carlo

      Think of each page as independent. All the images / buttons can have only one action. When items are closed with the X, there is an image X on every single page, and each one allows closing of the filters window and uses the bookmark of the respective page.

  7. Alisha

    Love this. Is there any way to make this have more than 5 items?

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