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The “One” layout or (One of Many) is our first layout that begins to provide even more flexibility to the end user.  In this offering we are including all the background images to make this experience as easy as possible for your reporting needs. There are a total of 10 background images ready for you.   An initial 5 pages have been pre-built with navigation.  The five page buttons on the top give a consistent navigation look and feel.  A small visual icon will illuminate just below the button as you navigate the pages. You can add or remove buttons, page backgrounds, colors, etc.

Features of this report

  • Free documentation provided by PowerBI.Tips included on the Report Features page
  • 10 pages of different layouts
  • 5 pages with navigation built with buttons in the report (Easily swap out a different background)
  • 10 PNG images of all the backgrounds to use in this report or others
  • Navigation dot – included icon image for complete flexibility
  • Customizable top ribbon (color of buttons and background header are can be altered with themes)
  • No PowerBI.Tips Branding on any of the main report pages
One – Capabilities

Get a feel for all the page layouts and interactions available in this report by using the below example we’ve embedded via Power BI.

Sample of report

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