Scrims – Slight Sunset


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This Scrim bundle features the theme of one our most popular Layouts we’ve produced – Sunset. It resonates with that original theme but this version brings with it a bit more of the standard visual queues by separating out the visuals in grouped areas that make it really easy to apply your visuals.


  • (6) images that are in the 16 x 9 aspect ratio
  • (6) images that are in the 8:9 aspect ratio
  • All images are at a 2x resolution for super crisp looking reports
  • Contains a theme file with the color pallet
  • Instructions sheet on how to use the scrim in your report
  • Free of PowerBI.Tips branding so you can use this for personal or business applications

Learn more about Scrims

Instructions on how to use a Scrim

Sample of Scrims

Slight Sunset Scrim Sample

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