Sharing Reports
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Best Practices for Sharing

I’ve been using Power BI since it was released back in 2015, and I’ve found that when talking with other PowerBI users there is always a little confusion about how to share Power BI reports. […]

Report Data Tips

Using Variables within DAX

Every so often you find a hidden gem, something so valuable, just hiding there in plain sight.  Recently, I found out that I LOVE the using Variables with in a DAX expression.  Ok, brief introduction, I was […]

Microsoft May 17 Update
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Power BI May 2017 Release

It’s that exciting time of month again.  Time for another power BI desktop release.  This month here are a couple of good highlights you should check out. First up enhanced tables with word wrapping in […]

SUM and SUMX - Curbal
Report Data Tips

SUM & SUMX Tutorial – Curbal

Learn how to use SUM() and SUMX() with this great video from Curbal. As you become more familiar with PowerBI you will increase your understanding of DAX (Database Analysis Expressions). Microsoft has an extensive list […]