Power BI World Tour 2017 – Chicago – Top Tips

World Tour Chicago 2017
World Tour Chicago 2017

To everyone who was able to attend the Power BI World Tour 2017, Thank you!  It has been a pleasure presenting my favorite tips and trips.  This post consolidates all the links for each topic that was discussed.  All the links to the content are below, if you want to go through the tutorials at your own pace hit a link below.   When going through 7 topics in an hour, it is difficult to completely learn everything.  So, if your like me, you learn by doing, making mistakes and gritting it out until you understand.  Enjoy and have fun.

Mike Carlo

Loading Data From Folder

Using Parameters to Enable Sharing

Measures – Month to Month Percent Change

Note: Percent change seems like a major topic, if you want to see more tutorials on percent change you can follow this link for more tutorials.

Power BI Histogram with Bins – Includes DAX

HexBin Plot using R

Report Theme Generator V3

Best Practices for Sharing

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