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Layouts Webinar

Recently I had the privilege of working with Microsoft doing a Webinar on layouts. One thing we are passionate about at PowerBI.Tips is good looking reports that drive action. Often as report authors we spend a ton of time working on the data model, and the calculations. While these things are important, we must also consider the user experience.

You may have the most compelling report but lack some visual appeal. Alternatively we might have a great looking report but the navigation or interactions is un-intuitive. We then are spoiling the impact power of our report.

Use Layouts

This is where we feel our layouts make a great fit. It provides a shortcut to provide excellent looking reports on top of your existing data model.

To learn more about layouts and how to use them, check out this video from the Microsoft Power BI YouTube Channel.

Download Layouts

Get your hands on some layouts now and try them out. Check out the downloads below.

Want a Layout without the PowerBI.Tips Branding. Check out these paid layouts.

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